Current Status Review and H&S Management Reviews

Current Status Review 

Do you really know how well your organisation is performing in relation to health and safety matters?

Many organisations complete regular checklists and monthly statistics but do they really indicate how well you are doing in relation to health and safety and do they really inform you of where the organisation is overall?

The Current Status Review provides an independent measure on how the organisation’s health and safety is being managed at this point in time and is a positive tool. It will identify areas of strength, where there are areas of shortfall and advice on how to move forward in a constructive manner to work towards achieving the company’s goals and improving health and safety where it is really required.

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Enforcement Action

Has the local Borough Council or Health and Safety Executive (HSE) completed a review of activities perhaps following an accident or other requirement which has this led to enforcement action?

Completion of enforcement actions can be daunting especially when there is not a comprehensive understanding of health and safety requirements and legislation.

We support companies in the preparation of appropriate documentation / procedures, training, completion of risk assessments, health and safety plans with realistic timescales etc.

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Attendance at Health and Safety Meetings (including Committee Meetings)

Many organisations have health and safety meetings – how often are these meetings purposeful and provide a positive outcome for attendees and are seen as worthwhile by the workforce?

Health and Safety meetings, including Committee Meetings, should be a positive driver within the company when utilised correctly and managed in a positive manner with set requirements – they are no different than any other aspect of business to support the achievement of goals and targets.

We attend these meetings to providing feedback on where the organisation should be focussing attention and how to develop the required infrastructure within the company (whether this is via procedures, training or staff) to ensure that health and safety meetings are productive and support the organisation’s ethos and objectives.

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