Driver Safety

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Theory Course

  • By concentrating on the theory that underpins competent driving on today’s roads this course provides a cost effective means to improve the driving abilities of all employees.
  • The course uses hard hitting film clips and interactive activities to encourage the development of a positive attitude to driving whilst generating an understanding of how personal factors can affect performance.

In-vehicle Driver Training Course

In-vehicle driver training is universally recognised as the single most effective way to reduce driver related incidents and the course typically comprises:

  • Licence, eyesight and vehicle check
  • An introduction to safer driving and its benefits to the individual, the company and society in general
  • Concentration, observation and anticipation
  • The system of vehicle control, including best fuel efficiency
  • Specific solutions matched to the experience of the company - for example, manoeuvring, reversing and parking accidents
  • The principles of skid avoidance and skid correction
  • An assessment of each driver’s ability
  • A short demonstration by the trainer of instructional commentary, followed by student practice
  • Individual training for each driver, paying particular attention to any specific problems he or she may have
  • A full debriefing at the end of each session to provide guidance and advice, specifically in relation to an individual’s risk profile
  • A comprehensive printed report for the company, submitted shortly after the course, which website/includes each individual’s personal development plan
  • A certificate of attendance for each trainee
  • Other bespoke content as required

We have business links with a national network of qualified, expert trainers providing training across the UK.

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