Fire Marshall/Warden

Course content

Basics of The Fire Legislation

  • Fire safety and the law

The Fire Triangle

  • The elements of the fire triangle
  • How fire starts and is sustained
  • Examples of components within the fire triangle

Fire Hazards and Prevention

  • How fire spreads
  • Causes of fire
  • How to prevent fires from starting or spreading
  • The classes of fire extinguishers and their application

Role of the Fire Marshal / Warden

  • Duties / checks to aid the prevention of fire
  • Actions to be followed when a fire starts
  • Supporting duties e.g. aiding crowd control and safe assembly or moving of personnel
  • Fire risk assessments and their importance

Fire Emergency Procedures and Equipment

  • Examples of fire procedures
  • Locations of fire information and types of equipment
  • Signage and visibility of equipment

Attacking the Fire

  • Selecting the appropriate extinguisher
  • Awareness of risks
  • Practical handling of extinguishers

Video – The Role of the Fire Marshal / Warden

Action Planning

  • Preparing individual action plans for implementation of new skills knowledge
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