Policies and Procedures

Company Health and Safety Policy

A Health and Safety Company Policy Statement is the fundamental aspect of health and safety documentation as it sets out how the company manages health and safety within the workplace.

The Health and Safety Organisation and Arrangements sections, demonstrate the company's attitude towards health and safety and the steps, arrangements and systems the company has in place to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation. It is important that it is specific to the company and the activities that are undertaken.

When is a Company Health and Safety Policy Statement required?

There is a legal requirement under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to have a written Company Health and Safety Policy Statement, if five or more people are employed in a business.

Preparation of these documents, tailored to the company’s requirements can be arranged by contacting us for further details and a quote.

Health and Safety Procedures

Organisations require procedures to ensure safe working practices are in place, that they can be followed by individuals and they should be tailored to the company’s business activities.

  • We develop a diverse range of health and safety procedures which support company activities, written in a way that is required to suit the needs of those who must follow them and are specific to the experience and knowledge base of the staff involved.
  • We perform reviews of existing documentation and procedures supported by advice on any required amendments and completion of updates / amendments to the identified procedures and documentation.

To review existing documentation or procedures for compliance and ensure legal updates have been included or for the development and implementation of procedures, then contact us for further details and a quote.

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